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      1.  XQY12-60 Fully-au
         XQY10-50 Automati
         XQY8-40 Automatic
         XQY6-24 Automatic
         XQY4-26 Automatic
         XQY4-26B Semi-Aut
         XQY3-10 Semi-Auto
         XQY4000 Hydranlic
         XQY3000A Hydranli
         XQY2000A Hydranli
         Fully-Automatic B
         Cement Silo & Acc
         Concrete Mixer Pl
         Batching Plant
         Transportation To
         Series Pallet
        ¡¡        Xiexing comes from China,the country of the dragon.Xiexing is located in Quanzhou,which is located in Southeast coastal area.TheNorth and the South of Quanzhou is separately next to The Zhujiang Delta and The Changjiang Delta,on east,it faces to Taiwan,and the West is connecting to the inland of China.Quanzhou is one prosperous city along with the coastal area of China.
               Xiexing is one independent company,relying on sincere cooperation.It pays respect to the working people while keeps innovating.Now it has formalized its own culture conception and running system.Xiexing judges each procedure of the work by taking the market as the guideline and the actual requirements as the standard goal.For more than ten years since establishment,relying on the vast customers and the support from people in all categories,Xiexing has occupied the area of 6000S.M.andhas developed its block making factory,block molding factory,to acomplete company specialized in mar\king more than one hundred sets of equipments And the company has a complete working system,office building,workshop,workers dormitory,dining-room and so on.
              Xiexing is one specialized company,having entered into the cement products machineries for recent ten years,has already set up one more complete system in innovation,manufacturing,quality controlling and after-sales service.Scientific designing,advanced products technology,complete production equipment,experienced working caftwork,strict inspection as well as the specialized group has resulted in excellent and superior products in Xiexing.The well service support has eliminated the worry from the customers.
               Xiexing seeks for Superior and Perfect,"Not wishing to be the biggest-scale,but begging for the best".For this goal,everybody in Xiexing is Working hard!!Our hearted spirit is "Sincere collaboration,going prosperous with you"!!
               This great project for protection environment is a heavy and far-reaching burden.Xiexing wishes to create the fancy future wiht both domestic and overseas friends and customers hand by hand.
        Copyright:Quanzhou Xiexing Machinery Create Co.,Ltd.
        ADD£ºHuangshi Industry Area,Fuqiao,Quanzhou,Fujian,China | TEL£º0086-595-22838702 22472787 | FAX£º0086-595-22473787